Why is Youtube gaining popularity among techies

The breadth of topics covered on the platform and the fact that the knowledge is free and easily accessible keeps viewers coming back

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video platform available today. YouTube’s easy-to-use interface and abundance of content is one of the many reasons it has grown in popularity over the years. Since YouTube has it all, from hours of unboxing videos to countless beauty tutorials, product reviews, gaming channels, or learning how to code tutorials, there’s bound to be a channel that ignites your interest among the millions of YouTube channels available. With video taking over the internet, it’s safe to argue that there’s something for everyone on this platform.

According to recent YouTube statistics, 73% of American adults use YouTube, which is higher than Facebook (69%) and Instagram (37%). Moreover, after its parent company, Google, YouTube is the second most popular and used search engine. With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is a powerful tool for brands and content creators looking to establish an online presence and increase their reach and exposure. On top of that, 5 billion videos are streamed to the site every day and every 60 seconds over 300 hours of HD video are uploaded to YouTube, further expanding its already massive video collection.

With the evolution of learning dynamics, YouTube is now not only the supreme ruler of digital entertainment, but also an excellent learning environment. It opens up a world of learning that we might not otherwise have had access to, whether it’s extra schooling, work and life skills, or even practical tutorials and life hacks. According to a Pew Research Center study, how-to videos attract 51% of all US-based YouTube users. Similarly, 57% of New Zealand millennials use YouTube to “access knowledge and learn new job skills.”

These days, if you come across something you’ve never done before or need to brush up on some skill, there’s always a YouTube tutorial for it. With the current high demand for courses in popular programming languages ​​such as Python, R, C++ and others. Many techies around the world are turning to YouTube video lessons to help them learn their favorite programming language. The breadth of topics covered on YouTube and the fact that the knowledge is free and easily accessible keeps viewers coming back.

The appeal is evident when compared to the time and cost of traditional in-person training options. Although there are many other resources to learn these programming languages, such as blogs and e-books, YouTube remains the go-to platform for techies. Additionally, working professionals and new graduates new to this field may find it difficult to learn some programming languages ​​without hands-on demonstration. using YouTube as a virtual library that you can revisit over and over again can help you learn concepts more effectively. Technicians use the platform to resolve interview questions and discuss the market, developer salaries, trending languages, and more.

YouTube, once seen as just a source of entertainment, has now become a massive source of educational and informational content. Today, several channels on the platform do a great job of balancing traditional languages ​​with modern introductions, making it one of the best resources for regularly updating and improving.

Sam D. Gomez