Windows Tech Community Integrated MSIX Discussion • The Register

Microsoft is “realign” the MSIX tech community and consolidating all existing chat rooms into one place within the Windows Tech community.

Unlike the infamous Big Technet deletion, Microsoft has promised that existing chats and blogs will remain intact, but will simply be moved elsewhere. Messages regarding MSIX Deployment, Package Support Framework, MSIX Packaging Tools, and MSIX SDK will be affected. Rather than having their own special place, the discussion spaces will be grouped together under one roof.

MSIX is Microsoft’s great hope for Windows application packages. With support for Win32, WPF, and Windows Forms, it’s the company’s current preferred method for IT pros and developers to ensure applications stay up-to-date.

It was also a bit problematic from a security point of view. Earlier this year, Microsoft was forced to disable MSIX ms-appinstaller protocol handler for MSIX after reports surfaced of the system operated by disbelievers.

The protocol handler is a nice touch – a user can click a link on a website and install an app without having to download a full MSIX package. Businesses raved about the convenience, and Microsoft said it was “delighted that it has been embraced by so many people today.”

However, in computing, we are rarely entitled to nice things for long. And Microsoft pulled the protocol after it became clear that it was quite easy to trick users into installing malware. At the time it disabled the protocol, Microsoft said, “We are taking the time to perform extensive testing to ensure that re-enabling the protocol can be done in a secure manner.”

If only such a thoughtful approach had been taken before the release.

Although Microsoft has not yet restored the functionality (despite the anger of users who end up with applications that cannot be installed without some manipulation), it has nevertheless found the time to transfer the MSIX information to a special corner of the Windows Tech community. Now if only he could find the time to fix the ms-appinstaller MSIX protocol handler issues as well.

Yet at least Microsoft promises that in this latest migration, the blogging and discussions among the MSIX tech community won’t be confined to the digital trash can of history. Let us know if that changes. ®

Sam D. Gomez