Xbox now lets you pause your game to speed up downloads

The update adds a “Pause My Game” option designed to speed up game downloads and updates.

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Microsoft is rolling out a new update for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S that will let you pause your game to increase download speeds. The update is rolling out to members of the Xbox Insiders program first, with a wider rollout on the horizon.

How to pause Xbox games to increase download speeds

The Xbox One and X / S Series tend to limit download speeds of games in the background when a game is running to ensure that the multiplayer gaming experience is not affected in any way. While that does make sense, it could end up frustrating gamers eagerly waiting for a game download to complete in the background.

To speed up game downloads, you will have to quit any active game which will lead to a frustrating user experience. Microsoft is addressing this issue with the latest update for its game consoles.

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Once the update is installed, you can pause the game you’re playing on your Xbox One or Series X / S, and all background downloads will automatically run at full speed. To pause a game, use the Suspend my game in the Xbox Download Queue screen.

It’s unclear how this feature will work with Xbox Series X / S games that don’t support the console’s Quick Resume feature. It’s also unclear how games that require a constant internet connection to function will behave when suspended.

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The update also adds new banners to your game library so you can quickly see new games added to and leaving Xbox Game Pass membership.

Join the Xbox Insider program to get this feature in advance

If you can’t wait for this update to roll out publicly for your Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S, you’ll need to join the Xbox Insider program to get your hands on it immediately. There are different preview rings, and you can sign up based on your Xbox Insider XP score and the length of the program.

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